About the things we love

Die Reduzierung auf das Optimale erfordert viel an Inspiration – und an Transpiration. Im STUDIOFAUBEL analysieren wir jedes Detail, forschen nach den entscheidenden Zusammenhängen und ordnen Schlüsselelemente neu an. Wieder und immer wieder. Wir machen uns sehr viele Gedanken, damit die „Menschen da draußen“ später unsere Arbeit intuitiv verstehen und verwenden.


„In STUDIOFAUBEL, we analyze every detail, research the key relationships and rearrange key elements. Again and again. We obsess and worry a lot, so that our customers don’t have to and instead intuitively understand and use our work. Our solution for demanding tasks is therefore always the easiest, but only if it is at the same time the most complex, the most thoughtful, and the most mind-blowing. Who says that a wall-mounted tablet stand for the kitchen cannot be a knife block and a towel holder? Clear conception, puristic form language, intuitive use and an extra portion of charm – this is our recipe for design“


Gregory Faubel studied Interior Architecture at the university of applied sciences in Rosenheim, Germany. There he developed in collaboration with the faculty the “lighting lab”, which develops and designs luminaires. Projects with companies such as Thyssen Krupp, Waldmann and Siteco lead him to lighting and furniture design. The first piece of furniture was presented in collaboration with the Italian Plastics manufacturer Serralunga in 2008 at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.
In March of 2010 he founded the design office StudioFaubel based in Munich. Projects with partners like OSRAM, Müller, Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg  and BLV spread the studios work form lighting and furniture design to architectural related projects.


Julia Romeiß manifested her Corporate Design and Communications competence by contracting with agencies such as Zeichen & Wunder or the marketing agency Lambie Nairn. Prior to that she was a full-time Designer for Corporate Design, Tradeshow- and Exhibition-design at KMS Team in Munich.
As of 2009, Julia is an independent Designer for companies, agencies as well as individuals. Her focus lies with 3d and print brand- and communications design.